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How does Bookvault's fulfilment service work?

There are 3 ways that orders can be fulfilled with Bookvault;

1-  Manual Order Placement

You can login to the Bookvault portal and place orders manually - this can be for a single book or a large bulk. You just indicate the books you want and address to send it to, and we will send it direct to them. You would pay Bookvault for the printing and shipping costs.

2 - Distribution with Bookshops & Retailers

When you fill in the details on the 'Manage Distribution' page, this will enable to us to sell your book, we will send out feeds to a network of retailers. You can see our fill list of distributors that we work with here. With this process, you would be paid on a royalty basis, where the customer would pay the RRP of the book on the retailer store, the retailer would then take the percentage of sale that you make available and then Bookvault would charge the production costs, you would then be paid out the remainder of this.

3 - Direct Sales from your website

Connect your website up with our easy to use apps and plugins - we have apps and plugins available for leading e-commerce sites (Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix). You would connect your website to Bookvault to fulfil your orders, your customer would have all the interaction with your website and would pay you the sales price of the book and the shipping rates from Bookvault (or your own manual shipping rates). Once the order is placed, this would then transfer to Bookvault where we would charge you for the printing and shipping of the book.