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Guide - How to place an order

Once you’ve got your title setup, you’re ready to place an order. 

First of all access the navigation menu on the left hand side and select ‘Place an order’.

This will show you all of your titles you have on the system, you can hit ‘Add to Cart’ under the book you want to order, or you can start searching for a title, select it, and pop that in your cart.

Once you have selected all the different books you want in your order, select the basket in the top right corner.

This will take you to your cart and you can verify what you have selected and adjust the quantities, you can remove items from your cart by clicking ‘Remove’ here, increase the quantity by typing in the number of books you want. We do offer discounts for bulk orders, when you type in a large quantity it will show you the discounted total.

If you quickly want to get an estimate without proceeding any further, simply click on the drop down here and select the country you wish to send the books to. The relevant dispatch services will be shown with the shipping estimates back from our providers. Now that we have our US facility, you will also be able to select the print partner relevant to where your product is shipping too. If you would like more info on US shipping, please click here.

Please note only certain options are available for print in the US currently.

For a complete list, please click here.

To proceed with the order, click ‘Checkout’.

Our system will generate a unique reference, if you have a specific reference for your order, replace that with your own. You can also add a customer’s reference if they have a separate order number or invoice number from your website or CRM system. You have the ability to upload a PDF to be printed and sent with your order, this can be anything from a welcome letter, invoice or branded packing sheet. These need to be supplied as a PDF, and will be printed in black & white at the point of dispatch. Select this toggle if you want an email notification once the order has been dispatched.

You will then be able to ‘Add a new Address’ here, start filling in the relevant details

If you often send to this address you can toggle the ‘save address’ button at the bottom of this dialogue box to add to your saved addresses. If you hit the large blue ‘Save’ button once you have filled in all the relevant information

STEP 10:
If you are missing a required field, you will get a error pop up like this.


When shipping to the USA, please ensure you first select USA as the country, this will open up a drop down box for the states. If the country is not selected first you will get the below error message and be unable to save the address details.



STEP 11:
If you have a few addresses saved already on your account, they will display like this.

STEP 12:
If you start accumulating a lot, it will change to a drop down box that you can select them from. Once your address is selected, you can go the next step.


STEP 13:
We have varying different production speeds that we can offer, please read the notes in regards to our couriers. Once you have selected which production speed you require, click it to turn the outline green.


STEP 14:
The final part is for shipping, depending on the weight and location of the consignment, you may be presented with several different options, click on the desired option to turn the outline green and then you should be displayed with a total at the bottom of the page. You can also choose to round up your order donating the difference to support the current Bookvault Impact charity.

If shipping to the US, you will have an extra section to fill out regarding customs. You will need to input a declared value and then select from a drop down the type of item ordered.

STEP 15:
On this section you can either pay through funds already on your account, pay now or save the order as a draft to pay later. Select your option and click ‘Confirm’.

STEP 16:
If you have selected to pay for your order, you will be taken through to view the order and will look like this page here.

STEP 17:
If you opt to save the order as a draft, you can see and make changes from the ‘View an order’ page.

STEP 18:
If you no longer want to proceed with the order, you can click ‘Delete Draft’ on this page. Alternatively, you can progress the order by clicking the ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Use Funds’ button

STEP 19:
After that your order will be placed and sent into production. If you have accidentally placed an order, you can cancel it, if the order hasn’t progressed too far into production, a red ‘Cancel’ button should be visible on the right hand side of the page, click this and the order will be removed from your account, and any money paid for the order will be back in your account!