Will my book be available to print in the US?

At launch, we will support the following options: 


  • Standard Colour 
  • Premium Colour 
  • Split Colour 
  • Standard Mono 
  • Premium Mono 


  • All portrait/square sizes between  114mm x 165mm and 297mm x 216mm 
  • A spine size between 3.3mm and 57.1mm  (59 and 976 pages) 


  • 80gsm Bond 
  • 70gsm Cream 


  • Paperbacks 
  • Printed Casebound 


  • Matte 
  • Gloss 

Cover Printing 

  • Non-Duplex 

It’s worth stressing that this doesn’t mean we won’t ever be able to print your title in the US, just that it is not available in the phased rollout. We don’t have a date when new options will be available but we will keep you updated.