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Why do I have to pay to set-up my title with Bookvault?

Paying to add to your title is a commitment to Bookvault that you are serious about selling your book, we offer industry-leading pricing as well as fast and helpful customer support. This prevents mass uploads of low-content titles clogging the Bookvault system, which may impact the distribution and selling of general titles.

In comparison to other competitors with no title setup fees, we're proud to offer no hidden fees, no percentages taken from direct sales, yearly subscription fees, file/spec change fees, or charges to book a meeting with one of the team.

We understand that this can seem quite expensive, however, we work with organisations and membership groups such as ALLI (Alliance Of Independent Authors), where we have monthly offers for free titles and order discounts. 

Alternatively, you can look at taking out one of our plans to add a batch of your titles to our system at a reduced rate, then downgrade to our free plan on a month by month basis.