What is a virtual proof?

When you have submitted your files to Bookvault, you can view a virtual proof of what your artwork looks like once it has been processed by our system. It allows you to see a 3d representation of what your book should look like.

This can help to ensure that you are uploading books with the right margins, size and bleed area! 

At present, this is only available for cover artwork, and for the following bindings:

Perfect bound,
Case bound PPC,
Wiro Bound,
Spiral Bound

If you have opted for either our saddle stitch or case bound - cloth options, our virtual proof would not be available. 

You can still download and check the files you have uploaded once they have gone through our pre-flight validation checks, this can be done for both the cover and text fies, check out our guide here;



Please Note This is a representation and your book may not look exactly the same as this due to machine tolerances there may be a few mm movement. This virtual proof may not also pick up on transparency issues on the file or layering issues, so do always advise getting a single copy done of your book prior to a large order or enabling it for sale.