There is some warping / waviness on the books I have received

During the production and transportation process, the paper and card used to create Goods is subjected to various changes in temperature and humidity. As is true of all printed paper products, your Goods may exhibit the effects of this with some curling/waving in either the text pages, the cover or both. If your Goods are affected they may take up to seven (7) days to settle down to their final state when stored according to the guidelines below. Some waving may still be evident after this time, due to the nature of the digital printing process.

A well-chosen and maintained area in which to store your goods is paramount to ensuring and preserving their high quality. Boxes of goods should not be placed directly on a concrete or similar floor. If storing boxes of goods in an external building, placing them on pallets or blocks will both aid air circulation and protect them in case of slight flooding or changes in floor temperature. Boxes should also not be stacked against exterior walls where they are exposed to moisture from the outside environment. Any stored material should not be subjected to extremes of temperature or humidity; attics, garages, basements and outhouses are strongly ill-advised. A warm (18°C to 26°C), dry, clean and stable storage environment and suitable containers are the most effective means of preventing damage to your Goods. The Company will not be liable for any Goods incorrectly stored or for the effects climate may have upon books after being dispatched to the customer.