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My title is showing as Pending Approval

We know it can be frustrating waiting for approval!

A title will show as Pending Approval for one of 3 reasons;

  • You have not uploaded any artwork
  • You have uploaded files but these have not been accepted by Bookvault
  • You have edited the specification of a book - this could something as simple as renaming your book, or changing page count. 

When you have decided you're ready to print your book, there's a number of things we do to make sure things run smoothly in production, and ultimately make sure you're happy with the final product - After all, you've worked hard to get to this point!

We check that the file is accessible and not corrupt, the page dimensions are suitable for us to print against the specification and the page extent matches the specification too.

Our system does not check for embedded fonts, layers, or transparency issues so make sure you check this before submission!

If you're using Adobe Acrobat, you can use CTRL + D to check your fonts. Adobe have a handy guide you can view here if you're still unsure. 

We also have a handy guide to PDF's which you can take a look at here

TIP: If the book is still showing as Pending Approval - we would suggest uploading all related print PDF files again. By doing this, it will force the title to go back through our automatic file validation system.