I have connected my store to Bookvault, how do orders get paid?

We do not receive any payment from your store - whether it is Shopify/Wix/WooCommerce or any other connected platform.

Your customer would have the interaction with your website and make payment to you. You would set the RRP of the book that they pay, and our app/plugin will populate the shipping profiles so they should receive the shipping costs that Bookvault would charge.

Once there has been a successful payment made on your store, this will then pass the order through to Bookvault. We will charge you for the production cost and the same shipping charge that your customer has paid.

How will Bookvault charge me?

If you do not have any funds on your account, the order will still transmit onto Bookvault but save it as a 'Draft Order', from there you can either 'Pay Now' or 'Use Funds' that have been added to the account.

If you have topped up money to your account through the 'Payments' page on Bookvault, any order that comes from your connected store will be processed into production automatically.

The other option is to have a saved payment card linked to Bookvault, this can be added on the 'Payments' page. Once you have linked a payment card, any orders that come into Bookvault from your connected store would automatically be charged.