How is customs and taxes dealt with by Bookvault UK? DDU, DDP & IOSS

All orders sent overseas from Bookvault UK will be sent via DDU (Dispatch Duty Unpaid), which means that any customs or taxes would be charged at point of delivery.

We do not currently send any items out from Bookvault UK as DDP (Dispatch Duty Paid).

If you are sending a lot of items to Europe, you could look at registering for an IOSS code, and add this to your Bookvault profile. When a sale is made on your e-commerce store and you are charging the relevant VAT at checkout, this information would be passed through to the courier/postal and no further charges should be made to the buyer.

If anything is sent to EU with a commercial value greater than 150EUR or to a business, then an IOSS number would not be applicable and VAT charges would be applicable upon delivery.