How does pricing work?

We’ve worked hard to try and bring the same benefits you’ve come to love from printing in our UK facility to the US. Once live, you’ll see both a UK & US printing price in the dashboard and will be charged the appropriate figure depending on your chosen facility. UK pricing will remain unchanged; however, the US will follow a slightly different logic:  

  • We will be able to offer split colour, but only up to 60% of the book’s content. 
  • Books equal to or under 6x9 are deemed as ‘small’ and over are deemed as ‘large’. This means to get the best price, we advise keeping your titles to 6x9 or under. 
  • There are small price differences between the cream and white stocks, however, this is very minimal ($0.00036) per page 
  • Matte lamination adds $0.15 to the print price of your book 

We’ve done our best to keep these down as much as possible and have found in most cases, Bookvault still falls on par or slightly under its competitor's pricing.