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How do I publish with Bookvault?

To start with, make sure you have an account with Bookvault. Then through your portal navigate to the 'Publishing Projects' option on the left hand side, this will present you with the publication dashboard. If you have no existing projects, you will be provided with an option to 'Get Started now', this will then take you through to choose what you're going to publish (Print Book/Bundle).

Similar to adding a title, you will now be asked to select the Binding, Lamination, Size, Text Stock and Cover stock. Next, fill in your page totals, and case options if applicable, if you don't have an ISBN this is where you will be provided with the option for Bookvault to publish and register your book with Neilsen. 



Once you have selected 'Publish Now' you will be able to track the progress of your publication through the Publishing Projects dashboard. It should look like the below.