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Guide - Setting your title up for distribution

Time to start selling your book, you can do this very easily through the bookvault platform.

First of all, use the navigation pane on the left hand side and select ‘Manage Distribution’.

You will land on the distribution page similar to the below that will list out your titles, it has two sections, ones for the titles that have not yet been set up, and those that we are already selling for you.

It is important to make sure that before doing this step, your book is already registered with the ISBN agency and they have all the necessary information such as authors, descriptions, bisac & bic codes etc. 

Click on the ‘set-up’ distribution against the one you want to start selling.

Bookvault will automatically pull information from the Nielsen database of the relevant information that has already been submitted, saving you having to input this information all again.

You are only required to adjust the highlighted fields on the screenshot below. You need to indicate if you want to be selling this exclusively on our website The Great British Book Shop, or use all of our available retail network.

You are also in control of which territories your book is available for sale on, you can toggle the different areas, indicate your price and discount on offer to the retailers.

When you have inputted your RRP of the book, you can adjust the slider for the discount that will be on offer to the retailer. When doing so, you can see the estimated profit that you would be making back per sale. The way that this is calculated is:

Retail Price – Available Discount – Production Cost = Royalty Rate

You will notice that The Great British Book Shop will make you more per sale, this is because it is our own sales channel and we do not take the full discount on offer. 

Once you are happy with all the prices, you can press the ‘Save’ button in the top right of the page.

When submitting this, our system will check all the fields that they are matching the information on the Nielsen database. If there is any mismatch between them, this can cause issues with the appearance, or even making the book available.

Our system will indicate when you have saved, which fields are causing the issue, so you can go back and rectify these. 

If you hit ‘Save’ again, it will then submit this off to the relevant retailers.

When this has been completed, you will get a pop up box to indicate that has been done successfully.

From the time this has been submitted, the title should be available for sale on The Great British Book Shop within 24hrs. For the other retailers we usually indicate that this can take up to 2 weeks to process on their side and appear as available for sale.