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Guide - How to view a virtual proof

So, you’ve uploaded your files onto bookvault and ready to place an order, but unsure on the artwork you have supplied. Not a problem, we have our virtual proofing that can give you a 360 degree virtual representation of what your book should look like.

From your dashboard, access ‘View Your Titles’ from the navigation pane on the left hand side.

You will be able to see your title/s here. Access the file management area for the title you want to view a proof for. You can access this by clicking the PDF icon at the bottom of the title, or by clicking ‘More Details >>’ and then ‘Files’ on the submenu.

Once you are in the file management area, you can click the ‘Virtual Proof’ button at the top of the page to check a 360 degree representation of your cover artwork. 

This will then load your virtual proof, please note for large file sizes or slow internet connection – this step can take more time

Once it has loaded, you will be presented with your artwork imposed onto a cover, this should highlight what the book should look like – the spine alignment etc. Please note this is just a representation and with the digital production of your book, there can be slight tolerances with the final output. 

Once you have checked this and happy with the artwork, you can click ‘Close’ on this dialogue box and then you are ready to place an order.