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Guide - Cancelling a title on Bookvault

Added a title to bookvault by mistake, or you want to discontinue the book. You can cancel a title on bookvault so orders can’t be placed for it and it will be pulled from sale from all available retailers the book was showing for sale on. 

Access your titles by clicking on ‘View your titles’ on the navigation pane on the left hand side of the portal

Once you have landed on the ‘View Your Titles’ page, find the title you want to cancel. You can use the search function to find your title by either putting in the name or the ISBN. You can then hit enter on your keyboard to view the titles that are matching your search criteria.

Once you have all your search results back, or can see the title you want to cancel from the library, click ‘More Details >>’ to open up the title manager.

You will have a sub menu of buttons to select from, select ‘Cancel Title’.

Once you click this button, it will cancel the title and bring you back to view your titles and can see that this is clearly marked as a ‘Cancelled’ title.

Once this is done, this will then schedule pulling the book from all the retail sites we made the book available to, please note, there are some third parties who will sell this book so may still show on their listing.

Once the titles is cancelled, you will no longer be able to place an order for this book. If you want to activate this title again, you can go through and upload new files and that will set it back on the validation process.