Can you print on both sides of a cover? (duplex)

Yes, we are able to print on both sides of the cover - otherwise known as printing duplex - for all bindings apart from Case Bound books.

All you would have to do is ensure that you supply the necessary pages on your file, for example, on our paperback books, you would need to supply a cover with 2 pages, one for the outside, and one for the interior.

Please see below examples of how the pages should be presented.

Front Cover Example

Open Inside Cover Example


  • A single PDF file would be required to upload to Bookvault containing both the front cover and inside cover.
  • You must leave na allowance in the middle of the inside cover spine, this is usually 10mm wider than the spine width, if there is artwork content added, this would impact the adhesion on the glue and could result in the cover coming away from the text block.
  • At present, this is only available for Bookvault UK production, if the order is sent to Bookvault US, the cover would be produced single sided.